An Author Friendship Tea: 2017
Featuring authors Sandra Brannan and Joseph Bottum

Rapid City Historical Collections Room: 2015

The Rapid City Historical Collections Room is a collection of books, documents and online resources on Rapid City history and genealogy. The room is climate controlled to house and protect rare documents and books. Oral Histories on the varied history of Rapid City are collected by staff and made available for use in the library; subject matter includes all aspects of daily life in Rapid City as experienced firsthand by the narrators, e.g. the 1972 Flood and other natural disasters, news events, etc. People are encouraged to give or loan for digitization, materials to be included in collection.

Endowment Campaign : 2010

Chamber of Commerce Mixer Sponsorship : 2008 

Space Reconfiguration, Downtown Library : 2007 

A new space use plan helped the downtown library maximize its facility to better meet patron needs, while still anticipating future growth. The new plan offered quiet study zones, made popular materials easier to find, and provided multiple service points.

Funding for Continuing Education of Library Staff : 2005 

 Expansion of the Downtown Library : 2001 

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In 2001, the Rapid City Public Library was granted approval for a 19,000 sq. ft. addition to the downtown library, on the condition that the Library raise $500,000. The Library Foundation exceeded that goal, raising $600,000 for a new Youth Services department that was constructed above the west parking lot. The old entrance was converted to a solarium and a coffee shop was added.

Author Events

  • 2015, Dr. Sally Roesch Wagner
  • 2012, Richard Paul Evans
  • 2010, C.J. Box
  • 2007, Matthew Bogdanos
  • 2006, Senator George McGovern
  • 2005, Dan O'Brien
  • 2005, Alexandra Fuller
  • 2004, Stephanie Kane
  • 2003, Kent Meyers


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