The Rapid City Library Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, supports excellence at the Rapid City Public Library. 

Foundation Values:

Our library sparks curiosity, discovery and wonder. It gives our citizens access to information, ideas, and learning opportunities. And, it plays a vital role in building and sustaining a literate community, promoting healthy mind and bodies, encouraging civic engagement, advancing the arts while offering access to 21st century technology. The Rapid City Public Library is a cornerstone of our community's high quality of life reflected in the heavy use by regional residents with over one million circulation transactions per year.

Our Goals:

  • engender public support and use of the Rapid City Public Libraries;
  • generate and develop special project funding;
  • facilitate and expand community collaborations;
  • support broadly-based community learning;
  • and, initiate cross-cultural and diversity-sensitive associations to address 21st century information needs.
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