Give the Gift of Lifelong Learning!

 The Rapid City Public Library needs the support of individuals, companies, and philanthropic foundations to ensure that this dynamic institution can continue its long and proud service into the future.

Your tax-deductible gift to the Library Foundation will provide a continuing source of income and ensure that the community will always have the library's resources available.

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The Mission of the Rapid City Library Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization, is fostering a legacy of excellence in community education and enrishment through the Rapid City Public Library.

 Foundation Values:

Our library sparks curiosity, discovery and wonder. It gives our citizens access to information, ideas, and learning opportunities. And, it plays a vital role in building and sustaining a literate community, promoting healthy mind and bodies, encouraging civic engagement, advancing the arts while offering access to 21st century technology. The Rapid City Public Library is a cornerstone of our community's high quality of life reflected in the heavy use by regional residents with over one million circulation transactions per year.

Our Goals: Fund Raising and Friend-raising

  • engender public support and use of the Rapid City Public Libraries;
  • generate and develop special project funding;
  • facilitate and expand community collaborations;
  • support broadly-based community learning;
  • and, initiate cross-cultural and diversity-sensitive associations to address 21st century information needs.
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